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A Special Story

Maddie was sitting in her social studies class, her teacher Mrs. Smith was talking to the class. She was known for just babbling on about her personal life and talking way too much then she should. Most people thought her stories were boring and hated them. Maddie on the other hand loved her stories. She thought that they were so interesting and one-of-a-kind. This time her teacher was talking about her experience when she was trying to get hired for her first teaching job. The school that Mrs. Smith works for at the moment wasn't the first school she applied for. Before moving to Vermont she lived in New York. She applied for a teaching job near her home New York City. After the interview she was feeling confident about what questions she had been asked and her answer to them. She was totally sure that they were going to hire her. However, that wasn’t the case when she got a call three days later saying that they had hired someone else. She didn’t think too much about this until later when she found out that they had hired a male teacher to teach the same job that she had interviewed for. Maddie though that it wasn’t a big deal that the male got the job and Mrs. Smith didn’t. She didn’t have to wait long to find out why it was a big deal. Mrs. Smith continued with her story explaining that not long after the call she found out that the real reason that they hired him instead of her was because the school board was worried that Mrs. Smith was going to get married and start a family. Therefore, she would want to quit her job and stay home with her kids. That is why they though the male teacher wouldn’t leave and be at the school for man more years then Mrs. Smith would have been. 

When Mrs. Smith had finished, Maddie asked her if she knew what happened to the male teacher. Mrs. Smith laughed and said that the school was very wrong with their decision. Turns out that the male teacher only lasted about two years. In those two years he had got married and had one baby. He decided that it would be better how the family would be if they went down to Kentucky where most of their family lived. As for Mrs. Smith, she moved up to Vermont and got a job at Maddie’s school and has been working there for almost 30 years. Mrs. Smith’s story had a valuable lesson and for the rest of the day Maddie thought it over again and again. It used to be a lot worse than it is today; they're used to be people that would only hire  men. Women were told to stay in the kitchen and not to do hard work. Nowadays women are doctors, lawyers, representatives, and they can vote a lot of things have changed. There are still people out there that believe that men are superior to women and that women shouldn't have to work. They should just make dinner and do the laundry. The man should make the money and work.

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