Mar 05
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"Just how it is"

It started in fifth grade when little Elizabeth realized life isn't perfect. Like when the teachers would always say “I need some strong boys to stack these chairs” or when the boys were a little too cocky at boys vs girls dodgeball. She did everything in her little power to make what she called everything, “even”. 

“Mom it's not fair, I just want it to be even.” Elizabeth complained after a long day of school. Her mom cocked her head in confusion and Elizabeth repeated, “It's not even.” 

“I don't understand what you mean honey” Her mom said, trying to follow along. 

“All the boys get to do cool things and they act like we can't do anything.” Elizabeth scrunched up her face to show her disapproval. 

“Ohhhh, that's just how it is, I'm sorry sweetie, I understand.” Her mom pushed off the issue like it was nothing.  She didn't understand. 

“That's just how it is?” Elizabeth thought that was some BS if she'd ever heard it. Although she doesn't know what bs stands for.  “That's just how it is” continued into middle school for poor Elizabeth, no matter how much baggy clothes she wore or how messy her hair was.

“SLAPPP ASS FRIDAYYY” A cocky boy hollered through the hallway but she moved out of the way, knowing what was coming. She didn't even know the boy!  Just how it is… Elizabeth tried to fight for this problem, but no matter how many things she reposted it never changed. High school was the worst. Besides the normal annoyance of high school, the misogyny got worse. She liked “even” better than “misogyny”. Misogyny felt too real. No one seemed to understand either. Most girls just embraced it, things like “The boys are totally gonna win this dodgeball game hehe” or the “Yeah Im pretty much a catfish with all my makeup on”.  

    Things seemed to perk up in college for Elizabeth. She found herself and friends that had the same experiences as her. She wasn't alone, and it wasn't just “how it is”. She found a passion for activism because she didn't want other little girls growing up thinking that's “just how it is.”

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