Mar 07
fiction challenge: Switch
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Alicia and I switch

I woke up in a body that I recognized. It was my best friend's body. It was scary at first but then I realized that I could live a different life for however long this body swap is. I  live in a life that my parents have given me. I am truly grateful for the life I have but I have never had to work for anything I had unless you count my grades but I don't think that counts as much. But when I look at Alicia's life she works for everything she has. She is an independent woman and she is the woman I want to be.

I got a text from Alicia or well myself and she told me that she woke up in my body and I told her that I woke up in her body. It was scary for the most part but we both agreed that this is temporary and we both should try new lifestyles for once so I set off for my first day in my new life.

Alicia works at Sephora, the beauty store in the mall. I truly don't know what she does all day she just sits around and when people walk in ask them if I could help them find something. What if they do need help finding something and I can't find it but it is in the store. UGH. Alicia's life is so hard. But I guess this is how independent women live. I got my first customer and they were very nice but when they were ready to check out I didn't know how to work the cash register it was embracing but I called the boss and she helped me. She even commented on how Alicia used to be the pro at the cash register. But when she was done with work it was 9 at night I went to bed because it was a crazy long day. Day one of being an independent woman it was harder than it looked.

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