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fiction challenge: Switch
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Switched while shopping

    It was a sunny beautiful morning as Roger slowly woke up to the soothing sounds of chirping birds and the sound of cars whooshing by. As he woke up like any normal human being he went to go make coffee. In the meantime he turned on the news and heard that a lab about 10 blocks down from his house let out a virus that if caught the first person to make eye contact with you would “take the life” or rather be in the shoes of another person. Months later the virus had unfortunately spread to Roger’s area. With this tragedy Roger sadly caught the virus. Roger had almost no words. He immediately stayed far away from anybody like family or friends.  One day he was forced to go to the store to get more food for his house. Roger took a long drive to the store. On his arrival he got a pair of sunglasses hoping that the sun glasses would protect him from switching bodies with another customer. Unfortunately Roger could not protect himself from this virus. As Roger was on his last item for his run to the store, he went to the aisle that had the last thing he needed. He got the item he needed but it was sadly the last one. Another customer needed the same thing as Roger.

The woman who needed the same thing asked if he could spare the last item that Roder had in his cart. Roger,  forgetting that you can't make eye contact with anybody if you had this virus then looked at the lady and gave the item to her. Roger started to feel sick and light headed. Rodger and the lady them passed out. Minutes later Roger woke up and thought he was fine but oh was he wrong. Rodger had switched bodies with the lady. With both of them not knowing what to do they both carried on saying to be careful with each other's bodies as they knew that their bodies would switch back in the next 24 hours.  
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