Mar 07
rant challenge: CJP-Bully

Grow Up and Listen

You don't wanna talk to me or listen to me or hear what it is I want to tell you so badly and that's fine.
You never want to listen to anyone anyway.
You'll never understand what it's like for everyone else because you never listen.
You don't care and you don't want to.
You're stubborn and greedy and everything I dislike in a person.
You picked and poked at the people I love for being different.
You nag and nudge because you can never be like them.
You can never be original or funny or free.
You'll always be trapped by your own hate, unable to be happy, unable to let go.
You'll never understand what it's like to be born in a body that you don't feel is yours.
You'll never know what it's like to be scoffed at and ridiculed for being yourself.
You'll never know love or friendship or family and for that, I feel sorry for you.
You're just too busy being torn by hate and chewed up by its disgusting mouths.
You made me feel so weak and hopeless and ashamed of who I was.
You made my loved ones feel just the same and our bodies became so frail before us.
You gave me bruises from all the times you were violent.
You gave me nothing but anger, insecurity, and fear and for that, I shame you.
You haven't learned a thing after all these years and no one's stopping you.
You don't deserve the privilege you have as you repeatedly abuse and waste it.
You flicked my choker and laughed, so I bought more of them.
You snickered at my crazy socks and shirts, so they got even crazier.
You've done enough for me to realize that you hate whatever is good.
You hate kindness, compassion, diversity, culture, pride, love, learning, and peace.
Your hate towards me only makes me proud of who I am and for that, I'm not sorry.
You can't hurt me anymore because 'hurt' has developed a whole new meaning.
You're not a little kid anymore tripping all the losers in the hallway with your sketchers.
You still don't even know how amazing so many of those losers were.
You're the same age as me dammit, 19 years old, and you're still the same.
You'll never listen anyway, so there probably isn't any point in trying to tell you

that being a BULLY is really sad. Grow up.