Mar 09
fiction 0 comments challenge: City
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City Life

I hear knocking at my door as im reading,
 "Come in" I yell.
"Hi Lilly, we have some news for you...we are moving to the city!" Mom says as she and dad walk in my room.
"WHAT!" I shrieked. "I cant leave my friends and my school and everything"
"Come on Lilly it will be fun, you will get a fresh new start!" Her dad exclaimed.
Later in the car: 
"Almost there!​" Mom and dad said cheerfully.
How could they be so happy? They didnt even have any friends or family in the city. She had always heard that the city was loud and messy with the building smushed together.
We stopped at a hotel and grabbed our stuff, after LOTS of trips we had all our stuff in our room.
"Why dont you go explore Lilly?" Mom suggested,"We can unpack everything."
"Okay, thank you Mom" I said.
I walked out of the building and towards all the sights, sounds and smells of this unfamiliar place. As I looked around I saw groups of people laughing and fooling around, I saw tons of shops and resturaunts, I saw busy sidewalks and roads, I saw hot dog stands and taco trucks. I heard laughter and yelling, I heard the noise of what sound like thousands of cars, I heard sales people trying to bribe people into buying their food. I smelled smoke and cars and food everywhere.
The city was loud and a little messy but it had some beautiful things, and I thought maybe moving wasnt such a bad idea after all.