Mar 09
fiction challenge: Adaptation
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Speed up Evolution

If I could speed up the evolution of mankind I would give humans another set of legs and make us all the same color. Both evolutionary processes would help us throughout our lives.

There are three ways people can benefit from an extra set of legs. First,  more legs could allow us to jump higher, making it easier to get to high places. Second , we could run faster and get to places a lot quicker, making vehicles less important, saving the environment from fossil fuels. Third , humans could use extra legs as a self defense, making it harder for bad people to do us harm. Fourth, humans could play a game like soccer and kick it from the other side of the field  and still get a goal.

Another fantastic evolutionary process that would greatly benefit humankind would be to make all of us the same color.  As humans continue to marry people of different color than themselves and have children, they are gradually mixing the color of their children. By all of us having the same color of skin, everyone would feel equal and no one would feel judged or hurt by others. Making it a better world and a way better place to live.

In conclusion , an extra pair of legs, muscle, and color.  

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