Mar 10

A mask

My favorite earring
Metal bicycles dangling 
More like tangling in my long hair
Little blue beads surrounding the rim
Encasing the empty tire like a fountain
My worn down Vans
Patterned like an atlas map
With blues and greens and reds all swirled together into continents
My old hoodies worn fuzzy
So comfortable
A little loose
My hair dark brown 
Like a forest 
Intertwining branches
Spiraling past my waist
Framing my face
And my smile
Big dimples 
Short white teeth
My chestnut eyes creasing
Rose dust tinted lips ever turned up
I wish I could show this side more often
Instead of hiding behind a screen
Hiding behind a mask

[Written during the Clowning Conundrums worskhop with Alex Muck and Rueben Jackson which was such a fun event, as always! :)]