Mar 11
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Raindrops on the Car Window

Have you ever watched raindrops race
down the car window-pane?

Some days they chase the blues away,
and I see rainbows through their streaks.

Sometimes they are struggling in vain
to hold onto cold, smooth, unfeeling glass,
only to be swept away by the wind.

Don't you ever play a sad song
and imagine the world is crying,
mourning your own pain,
mourning your loss,
and the raindrops leave tearstains
on the car window,
drumming on the roof
to the rhythm of Adele.

Today the rain is different, though;
the raindrops are washing things away.
They wash away the regrets,
the wish-I-had-known's, the anxiety;
And the world can be seen
through a different perspective,
Somehow clearer through the
Mozaic of waterdrops
across the glass;
And everything feels clean,
and new,
sparkling with hope.

the raindrops are their own windowpane,
and when I look through them
I see so many beautiful possibilities
I did not see before.