Mar 12
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Dreams for You

Dreams. I dream of things far and wide; new things, old things. Dreams are where I see my creativity fly free. From floating through the air to beating a cheetah in a race, dreams are where you can do everything. When I dream I am invincible, I can do anything. Dreaming is freedom, it’s living life without consequences. Dreaming is like testing out your life before you really try it. Almost every dream is different, but occasionally the same ones slip through the cracks. Some say that dreams mean something, give you hints to the past or the future, but to me, dreams are an escape. Dreams are the adventure you didn’t know you wanted or needed. They are the opportunity to be whoever you want. Dreams are a time to let go. Dreams are a time to let your mind take over. There is no thinking or choice in dreams, you just let your imagination guide you along. That’s the best part; dreams are made for you, by you.