Mar 12
opinion challenge: Unjust
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Traveling in a Pandemic

I think we should be able to travel during Covid-19 virus without a Covid-19 vaccine. Here are the reasons why.

People all around the United States of America want to visit their family and travel so they are getting the vaccine. The problem is we don't know if the vaccine is safe. We should just get a temperature test before and after we travel.

    Also, isn't this country supposed to be free?! We shouldn’t be forced to do things. We should be able to make our own decisions by using common sense.  People have fought and died fighting for our freedom and now it’s being taken away. 

    It is important to see our family during the pandemic. I mean we can see family on the meeting program, Zoom but it would be better to see them in person. This is being taken away from us because of this pandemic. The government is taking away this freedom.

    We should do what we want to do because we can be safe at this time. In conclusion, we should be able to see our family during the pandemic and make our own decisions.

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