Mar 16

As the sun dances

This morning,
this beautiful,
refreshing morning, 
I sat down in
a red recliner.
I sat,
and I wrote. 
My hands were typing,
while my eyes lingered
to the window,
the window that shielded me from harm,
but at the same time,
led me to watch, 
to discover.
I couldn't see the sun,
the cheerful sun,
the smiling sun,
but I saw the trees.
I saw the trees,
with the sunlight
shining on the tops of them,
like a spotlight.
I saw how,
so very gradually,
the sunlight faded away,
near the bottoms.
as the day moved along right in front of me,
I saw how everything,
the trees,
the homes,
the dew-dropped grass, 
got covered
in sunlight.
How wonderful
to be able to watch such a thing happen.
How magnificent
to be able to watch
as the sun dances.