Mar 16
fiction challenge: Dreaming
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Dream Come True

Every night I dream a dream. I dream about dreaming of ideas. For my job, for my work, and I will never give up. For when your heart is set upon something, you know you’ll never quit. You know you’ll just fly so high and keep on dreaming big, for the world is full of dreams and ideas, and it’s much bigger than we know. 

    My parents say that designing takes a lot of commitment, but that I can do. I’ll soar right past the hard times, I’ll float right through negative thoughts. I’ll never give up whatever it takes. For when you have a dream you must never give up. 

I have a meeting with the boss of Sign Design. I tell him of my wildest dreams. I’m nervous but I day dream my dream, that I am soaring through all of my ideas. I will push through. He finally tells me I’m hired and my stomach does flips of joy. I can’t contain this happiness. This is truly a dream come true.

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