Mar 18
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Everyone Has Secrets

I see you.
Look into those big, brown eyes
and tell yourself you understand.
The mirror reflects every emotion--
the sadness spilling out, tracing salt
down your face;
the hair held firmly back
though pieces frizz out of place;
the grim and worried countenance
you fear for them to see;
you force your eyebrows up--
deep breath, hold, 1, 2, 3.
Listening for footsteps as
you brush cold water with
rough, brown paper;
will the redness to fade away
as you hear the door open.
A Genuine smile, that you hope
will hide the pain.
A Pang of joy cuts through as you
head to your friends again.

Everyone has sorrow,
everyone has secret wounds.
Please be kind when you see those
big, sad eyes--
You don't know what they're
going through.