Mar 18

Drowning Nation

We are a nation
That fights for peace
A country
That was born of ruin—
We are
An experiment
Passed down through the generations
Of sinners and saints
Struggling up, up, up.

We were a nation
That fought the outside
While we fought inside
Every person fighting another person
While fighting their sibling
While fighting themselves.
We were created from a civil war
And we will destroy ourselves as such.

We are a nation
That is still fighting—with no enemies
Left to turn to, we turn
On ourselves. Our parents, our
Adults and trusted figures
Are those we mistrust, because
bang! bang! bang! were they
Ever afraid to go to school
Or work
Because of the threat of gun violence?

We were a nation
That was segregated; we became
Less segregated, but the sick culture
Was grained in our blood. Only, the only blood
That the twisted pedophiles in the White House wanted
Was white male blood—the rest
They turn aside to watch them
Be purged by the mutts that they set upon them.

We are a nation
That is a melting pot of culture
And that is what we have always prided ourselves on—
Turn one way, and you will find
A whole new story that is different from the rest.
What is it then
That makes those in power
Want to wash the nation with acid
And scorch out all those
Who are not white, male, cisgender, or straight?
American once meant everyone. why
Is it that it no longer means me, or her, or them?

We are a nation
But soon
We will have been a nation
That fell to our own folly
Whose government wiped
Its people off the map.
What is the point in governing
A nation without generations?
You know what they say.
Mr. Politicians, I hope this message
Hits you squarely in the face:

If we drown,
We'll be sure to pull you under with us.