Mar 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Glass

Golden glasses

My glasses tint the world grey
It's not sweet to see the street performers on Sunday afternoons
She's going to be evicted unless her pop and locks thrill the masses
He had to sell his dog because no one was hiring floppy-haired, sweet souled, bad at math boys
And mediocre saxaphone doesn't get you anywhere except the back corner of a Moe's 
The snow isn't pretty
Pretty soon it will be a pile of brown slush in a field somewhere
Just like you and me
And I could never forget-me-not the flowers
Did you know flowers are some of the most toxic plants on earth
Always tweeting about you behind your back and destroying your kidneys and spilling soda in your purse
Science is cynical
Math is maddening
Beauty is ephemeral
Your art will be created by robots in six months
Her glasses tint the world golden
Like her hair blowing in the wind
Look at the acrobats! Look at them soar!
Isn't it crazy that she figured out her shoulders dislocate like that?!
Look at the dog's new home
He told me lives on a big farm!
What! Moes?
Look at the snow fall! Every flake is unique
Just like us!
Always stop and smell the flowers
They make the perfume to attract bees and other pollinators, dd you know that?
They release beta endorphins that make us feel in love, relaxed, healthy
Science is miracles explained, math is magic you can do in your brain, beauty is what makes life sweet!
Your art is worthwhile
It stores a bit of your soul in the paint and charcoal and happy splotches
When I'm around her 
My glasses are golden too