Mar 19
fiction challenge: Unbelievable
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The anger of the ocean

What we did on that day was unbelievable. As we walked down onto the port to see the ocean we saw a gigantic wave coming straight towards us. As soon as other people saw it they ran. Me and my little brother George didn’t know what to do so we just watched. After I realized what was happening I took George and we headed up to the mountain. 

“Mom! Dad!”

“What is happening Joh-” As dad started to ask he saw it and we all ran to go up the mountain. Before we can get into the cart to go up the mountain the wave sweeps us up and throws us around. I blacked out before I could get out. After I wake up I see my mom, dad, and little brother also passed out. When I look around I see our village wreaked and torn into pieces. After we all wake up we try to get back to the life that we used to live but it was never the same.
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