Mar 25
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Tears stream down your face
People confront you
Their eyes filled with sadness
Tapping you on the shoulder
Hugging till there is no more to hug
Crying till there is no more to cry
Sobbing till there is no more to sob
Your life falls in the trenches
Into sadness
And all that comes with it
You get one last tap
You expect your mom
You see
Itś not her
In fact, you don´t know them
You think itś your momś friend
But you're not sure
You look into their eyes
They look into yours
Sadness fills yours
His stay the same
Blue, brown sparkling with either tears or joy
You hold that silence
For 3
Maybe 6 minutes
And he grabs you
You don´t know him
But you don´t care
You cry all there is left to cry
You weep all there is to weep
You grieve all there will ever be to grieve
And he wraps you
In his arms
His chest fills your heart
With warmth
With clarity
And most important,
With life
You see the impact that small moment holds
You see what it has made you,
A human
A human who looks in the present,
Not the past
Not what you could have done,
But what you will do

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