Jun 25

Website changes!

[Illustration, "Neon Lights" by laurenm]

Hey YWP! As you can see, we made some changes on the site over the summer, and we'd love your feedback!
One of the main changes is a new image editing tool that makes submitting photos and art more fun – and your work looks better on the site too. You can crop, fine-tune, rotate, resize, filter, and more. And you can also upload individual vertical photos and illustrations to your blog. Check out the new ADD MEDIA section when you create a new blog. There's more information below and in Uploading Visual Art: How To.

Other changes:

  • THE GALLERY – a showcase of photos and art
  • The DAILY READ and PHOTO OF THE DAY are still prominent, but displayed differently
  • YWP NEWS: Highlights and links anchored near the top
  • YWP COMMUNITY items are clustered together with links – Tiny Writes, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Book Club etc.
  • EVENTS AND NEWS – Quick links to workshops, Line Break, Oh Snap!, YWP announcements, etc.
  • PUBLICATIONS – Quick links to The Voice, the Anthology, Newsletter, and more
What do you think? Let us know!


Posting photos and art:
Create Blog Entry > Add Media > Image > Add a new file > Select file > Open the file > Pintura Image Editor pops up
For single verticals, go to Vertical Image > Browse > Upload

Pintura Image Editor is embedded in YWP's site and you can use it to crop and edit your photos when you post them to your blog. There is a custom crop that gives you flexibility. More info on the image editor here.

More information here: Uploading Visual Art: How To
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