Jun 25

Website changes!

[Illustration, "Neon Lights" by laurenm]

Hey YWP! As you can see, we've made some changes on the site, good changes, we think. And we'd love your feedback! Here's our Feedback Form.
One of the main changes is a new image editing tool that makes submitting photos and art more fun – and your work looks better on the site too. You can crop, fine-tune, rotate, resize, filter, and more. And you can also upload individual vertical photos and illustrations to your blog. Check out the new ADD MEDIA section when you create a new blog. There's more information below and in Uploading Visual Art: How To.

Other changes:

  • THE GALLERY – a showcase of photos and art
  • The top navigation bar is streamlined. For instance, CREATE covers both the Read and Create options
  • The DAILY READ and PHOTO OF THE DAY are still prominent, but displayed differently
  • YWP NEWS: Highlights and links anchored near the top
  • YWP COMMUNITY items are clustered together with links – Tiny Writes, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Book Club etc.
  • EVENTS AND NEWS – Quick links to workshops, Line Break, Oh Snap!, YWP announcements, etc.
  • PUBLICATIONS – Quick links to The Voice, the Anthology, Newsletter, and more
  • Inside pages, features, and your blogs remain the same.

What do you think? Let us know!


Posting photos and art:
Create Blog Entry > Add Media > Image > Add a new file > Select file > Open the file > Pintura Image Editor pops up
For single verticals, go to Vertical Image > Browse > Upload

Pintura Image Editor is embedded in YWP's site and you can use it to crop and edit your photos when you post them to your blog. There is a custom crop that gives you flexibility. More info on the image editor here.

More information here: Uploading Visual Art: How To
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