Mar 25
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One: A Year of Line Break in Photos and Writing

Hi everyone! Here is the very special “One: A Year of Line Break in Photos and Writing” Episode of Line Break! I put together all of the poems that have been featured on Line Break over the past year as a poetry collection for your ears. Also, photos from thegreenone and laurenm are included above.
To me, Line Break is a time capsule of our lives and writing during the pandemic. There is so much in these episodes that captures who we are as writers, readers, artists, teenagers, and humans in the 21st century that I am so happy to have a record of. I hope that Line Break will be a time capsule for you, the writers of these poems and listeners of these episodes, and that in several years we can all come back to hear these snapshots of our lives.
Thank you to all of the YWP writers who have recorded episodes with me and thank you for listening to us talk! As always, send me a message if you’re interested in recording an episode with me, or if you have a cool Line Break-related idea. I’m so excited to see what we can create in the next year of Line Break! I hope you enjoy!
:) Iris
Note: some of the audio is a little messy, but most of it should be nice and clear. Also, I wasn’t able to add in Robo Jacket’s story (which was talked about in Episode 25) due to some technical errors (which also delayed this a few days).

Photos 1-4 are by thegreenone. Photos 5-8 are by laurenm. 

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