Mar 26
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My Brother...The Bad Guy.

The feeling of being watched awoke me from a dream of a life that I was not always in danger of being hurt or killed, where my life was mine, where there was only good, not bad, but as I came to the dream was only a dream and now I had a stay alert. My vision was the last to leave dreamland, and even when it did the room around me was dark that it didn’t matter if my eyes were closed or open. I found it hard to breathe, making each breath use much energy that I know I would need. With the air being hard to breathe I also know that I must be underground, and my guess came true as I soon heard a subway train go up above me. The plastic chair I was sitting in was painful and I was not at all tied to it, and I felt the urge to sit up and stretch, but I had been captured one too many times to fall for it. I knew that as soon as I sat up, something worse than having to sit in the chair would happen or in other words, it was a trap. As I still tried to figure out exactly where I was and who my kidnapper was, a shadow figure came out of the dark to the point where I could tell that someone was there, but not enough to know who the person was. For the next minutes, it was just silence, but as all silence, it was finally broken. 

“Well we meet again…” said the shadow in the dark and with those words I now know exactly who it was. 

“Hello Logan, up to your old tricks I see,” I said as I let down my guard. I hadn’t be afraid of him, he would never hurt me and I didn’t have it in my heart to hurt him, bad guy or not.

“Oh, why are we being so formal?” said shadow as he stepped closer, but still not enough to see his green eyes or baby-like cheeks.  

“Why must you do this every time, you kidnap me, bring me to a weird place, talk with me for some time, and then just bring me to the streets where I have to wait for my squad to pick me up. It’s like you just want to see me, to know that I am okay, like you cared,” I said.

“Pish, posh, you mean almost nothing to me,” the shadow said still in the dark.

“Almost…” I said with a smile on my face, but in the dark, you couldn’t see it.  

“Well, how's mother?” 

“See you do care!” I said as I jumped up to only remember the trap and to fall back to the plastic chair seconds before an arrow went across my eyes where my head had only been moments before. 

“No, see I wouldn’t have set that trap if I care!” 

“No, no, no, you know that I am too smart for that, but do it anyway to make it seem that you don’t care, and would hurt me when really you would never hurt me,” 

“I would punch you in the face right now if I got angry enough!”  

“Really,” I said, a little saddened because I really wanted him to care, so I could just get up and run over to him and give him the biggest hug ever, but he was the bad guy. You never hug the bad guy. 

“Well, are you going to tell me how mom is or not!?” the shadow yelled. 

“She is doing well, strong as always. Just shows you don’t need superpowers to be strong and healthy, but I just wish she did have them,” I said as the chair was getting more uncomfortable as time went on. I squirmed a little, but it didn’t help. 

“I see the chair is uncomfortable... I guess you can leave, the trap is unset. The door is just to your left, and your squad will pick you up,” 

“Umm, yeah… well bye,” I said, but my heart didn’t want to say goodbye. I got up and walked to the door slowly and sadly because he stayed as only a shadow the whole time. 

“Bye little sis, love you,” he said as he walked back into the dark.

“Bye big bro, love you too,” I said quietly as I walked out the door into the blinding sun. 

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