Mar 26
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Silence: a moment filled of anguish and regret,
The memories crowding your thoughts,
The burdensome pain you can never forget,
Your stomach is turning and filled with knots.

Silence: a moment where the world begins to fade,
Looking around you know it will never be the same,
A teardrop rolls down your cheek as you wished you had stayed,
A piece of your life you can only put to shame,
The images swirling as your mind begins to degrade, 
There is no one left but you to hold the blame.

Silence: a moment where you can see their face,
Remember the times where you thought it would all be okay,
Remember the cold air as you sat on the staircase,
Remember the lies you came to obey,
The lies you forced yourself to embrace,
The lies of time as he slowly slipped away.

Silence: a moment where nothing feels the same,
A dread-filled moment where nothing stops the pain,
A rainstorm filling your eyes as you remember their name,
A piercing realization that was once locked in chain.

Silence: a moment that is hard to comprehend,
That manufacturing machine that corrupted their mind,
One that all of the radiation and chemicals failed to end,
The one you never saw because you were childishly blind.

Silence: a moment where you know he is gone,
You can never live down the regret that corrupts you inside,
In every waking moment and every breaking dawn, 
Too young to understand why they all really cried,
Too young to understand what they dwelled on,
That he was no longer standing by our side.

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