Mar 26
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The Dream of Mine

The dream that some girls stop believing in because they are told that they are meant to do a certain thing. The dream that others break, like glass. They seem to think that females can only do so little; they don’t see how strong they are. The power that lies inside of them, locked up with no way out.  

    “Come on, Ovivian, you have to take cooking class, those are  the rules. If you don’t, you will get kicked out of school. So please take the class.” said my mom. She is a kind and gentle woman with red, long and straight hair. She is also tall and skinny but beautiful in her own way. She is thirty-six years old and divorced. My parents divorced when I was a baby and have not seen each other since. 

I don’t know what my dad looks like but I have heard some things about him. I have heard that he was a dream chaser. If he had a dream, he would accomplish it no matter what and that is one of the reasons they divorced. My mom says I am just like him.

(Thirty years passed)
I am into history books now because I have accomplished a dream of mine that I grew up with. That dream was to stop the people that say, “you can’t do that, you have to do this.” It was all about the other people in the world and not just about me. I got here today because of all of those people who said what we had to do. That is how I accomplished my dream.

 I am short but strong. I have big dreams too. I have red hair like mom and adventurous eyes like my dad’s that I have seen in pictures. I dream and that's what matters now. The dream that I have gotten told was nonsense. The one some people thought only males could do but  females have power too.

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