Mar 26
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All The Tomorrows

Thinking about tomorrow doesn't seem to bad. I mean its just thinking of things like what are tomorrows workouts? Or is my grade in this class going to be updated? All of these tiny thoughts are just some things we take serious in the moment, but are they going to impact all of our future tomorrows? When it comes to how many tomorrows I'm having to think about well thats when it seems a bit more tough. If I think about next week I'm just thinking about school and my regular daily life. That doesn't bother me. Thinking about the amount of tomorrows that bring me to next year does. What is going to happen on each tomorrow and where will it put my in a year? Which tomorrow is it going to be that gets me the money I need for a car? Or which tomorrow is it that I get my collage acceptance letter? All of the tomorrows that are going to come are going to have an impact on my future tomorrows. That is a little scary to think about.
Thinking of what I am doing today and how that will effect my future is crazy. The tomorrow to the day after I turn 15, what is that going to be like? If I get my permit am I going to be driving around? All of the tomorrows after that can be effected by that too. What tomorrows will I drive or what tomorrows will I take drivers ed? Will I even have these tomorrows? Something I do today can completely change tomorrow, and the next year of tomorrows can change my tomorrows in 4 years. All the tomorrows are just crazy things to think about. Even crazier that you don't know what these tomorrows will bring.
See now one of my favorite quotes is "Tomorrows not promised so make today worth it." That quote reminds me that we only live once and that even if we do worry about what our tomorrows bring well we really shouldn't. All the tomorrows may be scary but I just got to think to live life to the fullest. As well as if I'm going to worry about my future problems not to let it effect my day to day life. The tomorrows aren't today but its all worth thinking about.
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