Mar 26
essay challenge: Critter
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Cow's Thoughts

Here come the annoying humans. Has it really been a whole day already? I think they are lying. I am trying to enjoy the sun and fresh air. Why do they have to come along and ruin everything? Is it because I pooped the whole length of the barn on the way out this morning? If that is the reason then I am sorry. I said I was sorry, now can you leave me alone? Fine. Since you can’t respect my wishes, we will do this the hard way. I think that instead of going inside, I am going to sit here and enjoy the sun. The sun is so nice. Oh great, one is coming towards me. Maybe if I stay very still they won’t see me. Okay, okay stop poking me, I will get up. Hey, just because I got up doesn’t mean I am going to start walking. Fine, if you insist on me going I guess I will. You thought I was going to head towards the barn? You were wrong. Tag you're it, catch me if you can. I think I should go see what is over there. I know I had all day, but I didn’t go over here yet. Wait, I just remembered that there is food inside, I guess I should go. Hey, look there’s some water over there. I definitely need some, all that running has me so thirsty. I am going to just stand here and take my time drinking. I know there is water inside but this is just so much better. Woah, wait a minute where are you going? Can I come too? 
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