Mar 26
nonfiction, fiction challenge: Glass
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Windows, Glass, and Missing the Past

You never think about windows when you have the option to go outside. But lately, windows are all some people have. This pandemic has everyone trapped, and inside each window is a different view. Some are with family, and laughter and light pour out through their window. But some are alone, and silence slips out through the glass panes. For some, the only connections happen with a glass barrier between them. We see all our neighbors, we know all the birds, we have memorized everything outside the window. But we struggle to see beyond. It is hard to see the end of the pandemic and the isolation because every time we try to see where the pandemic ends, our noses bump the glass. It doesn't matter how many times we clean or fix our windows, because we won't be able to recreate what we are seeing on the other side. The nice thing about windows is that they are always constant even when the world is in chaos around it. So we will continue to look out the window with our noses pressed to the glass, waiting for the chaos to fade.