Mar 28


Running through fields of flowers
feet pressed into cool blades of grass 
smelling the buds and blades
of flowers made of rays belonging to the sun

Opening my eyes to a blinding light
waking up to reality
thinking without meaning
living without purpose

Taking a drink of water
the liquid running down my throat
a sign of relief as it alleviates briefly
feelings of thirst for something not real

My dreams and wishes
crumbling like pressed flowers
torn just as easily
as the fragile wings of a butterfly to a blade

Returning home with spirit screaming
"Let me in, let me be free"
internalizing the spirit and suppressing
until the sky is dark and the stars are out once more

Resting my head on a soft pillow
eyes fluttering close without resistance
thoughts wandering to a better place
to a field filled with flowers made of rays belonging to the sun