Mar 29

untitled part 2

They all think they know me.
They think they know the kind of music I like (punk/rock/metal).
They think they know the kind of books I read (horror/mystery/Ellen Hopkins).
They think they know my gender and sexuality (cis and straight).
They think they know my pronouns (she/her/hers).
They think they know me.

God damn, stop making assumptions on
who I am.

Yes, I like punk and rock and metal music, 
but I also like alternative and electronic.
Yes, I like horror and mystery and novels written by Ellen Hopkins,
but I also like secret romances and straight up books with
fucked-up characters.
No, I am not cis nor straight;
is that a problem?
No, the pronouns I use in school (but 
nowhere else) are they/them/theirs. 

You might know aspects of me.
But I assure you that you don't know
all of me.
Did you know that I want to learn the keyboard
even though I already play piano?
Did you know that I cry myself to sleep every night
because life could not be more terrible right now 
Did you know that I'm simping over a boy
who broke my heart in September and then again in January?
Did you know I write my own music?
Did you know that I love to sing?
Did you know any of these small details that 
make up who I am
before I told you?

I don't think you did.