Mar 31

Nothing but Green$

Recently cash has been in my head,
I would like to say it was produced in my hands as well
But alas,
as money makes the world go round
so does it make my head spin.
The thought of it makes a wet glob in my frontal lobe
And produces not doubt, or fear, or even worry,
Just water. 
Seeping between the wrinkles in my brain
and oozing out my ears.
Large numbers,
Number which as children we think or huge
Suddenly don't cover a months rent.
And five, six zeros is only met with a thin lined smile now
Because ten or eleven zeros are needed.
But we grab Kleenex,
And sponges,
and band aids,
and pat dry the water tinged red with blood 
That was dripping out our nose.
We make a fist with the damp napkins
and stuff them in our inner most pockets,
our hearts
Where there they fester.
until a temporary remedy is concocted,
Or sleep chases the numbers away for a small while
Or a gauze is placed upon the ears.
But the thought of cash never leaves our heads,
And for those few in which it does;
We are green with envy. 
About the Author: Treblemaker
I write because the music of language spoke to me in books and I wanted to make a beautiful noise to answer back ~ Lee Williams.