Mar 31
nonfiction challenge: Dreaming

Recurring Dream

Ive had this recurring dream for years. I'll tell you about it. I was walking on some random island by myself and worring about my best friend, she had been gone for days and she never told me she was going anywhere. I was pacing back and forth on that random island waiting for her. Then a plane comes out of nowhere and drops her off. Then suddenly we were at my house somehow. I was excited to see her and wanted to tell her all the things she missed. Then she said, hang on, I need to go to my country first. Then she ran up the stairs in my house and I followed her. Then she said, yay we are back in Itatly! I was so confused. What do you mean Italy?, I asked. Then the dream ended.

(Btw this never actually happend, but for some reason I keep getting this dream over and over).