Mar 31

Sealed for delivery

I step through the door
into the dark of the night's chill.
My feet crunch when they meet
the soft gravel of the driveway.

As I walk, my fingers trace
the edges of the envelope I hold
in my right hand.
The wind swirls quietly through my hair.

Out of curiosity, I let my eyes
climb the treetops to the darkened sky,
where a smattering of shining stars
are misted, pricking through the navy blue canvas.

The blinking red light of a plane
throbs as it inches across the sky
closing in on its destination.
An owl hoots from somewhere deep in the woods.

My feet hit pavement and
I've suddenly reached
the end of the driveway.
The stars shine bright enought to illuminate the yellow lines.

I cross in four strides, 
and walk to the mailbox
where I slip my envelope inside,
sealed for delivery.

As I pop the red flag up,
headlights shine against
the skinny black wires
that hide during the day against the trees.

I cross the street to my driveway,
and as I look back,
a small car drives by, 
its headlights beaming through the night.

Whispers of wind follow it
as it is lost from my view.
When my feet have carried me to the door
I am filled with longing, I have reached the end.