Mar 31

Songs Change Lives, But People Do Too

Every day

I get up

I start schoolwork

I listen to music

Taylor Swit

Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato

On and on...

Some songs heal me

Some don't

Some just have a good beat

A good melody

But some songs have a meaning

Some of them make me feel




Some songs make me feel all of those

I listen to song after song

Artist after artist

I find few songs that make me feel

When I do

I listen to it over and over

Until I get bored of it 

And move on

That reminds me

I need to move on

In my life


Music and TV

Are like shields

They shiel you from your life

At least mine

When I stop listening to muic

I start thinking again

I think how to write my own songs

Songs to help people cope

Songs to make me feel good too

Because only you can know what you need

Sometimes just a simple conversation can change a life

A simple similarity between two people

Maybe those two people will be friends someday


I write poems to help me cope

But also to shine a light on important issues

Others might face too

I love you all

Goodnight (where I live in the world) 

- Jess