Apr 03

The World Wants

Snoopy’s obsessed with his French girls, and Clario wants Sofia. Jane pines for Bingley, and Trump always needs more. Gandhi strove for peace, Eve a fruit. Slaves want freedom, and birds need wings. Lucy chases Schroder and Romeo loves Juliet. The ocean needs a shore and a shore needs the ocean. The hills need the valley and the valley needs the hills. We need the world but the world doesn’t need us. We want space but space doesn’t want us. We need each other but we push each other away. Killers bring Death but Death is their downfall. Mirrors show reality but reality shatters. Poets need words and words are made for them. We want what we can’t have and take for granted what we do. We come together only to break, and break only to come together. Time tears and time heals. We search for the truth but we lie. We live only to die. We laugh only to cry and cry only to laugh. We live only to die, we live only to die.