Apr 07

Every Color Has A Meaning

Every color has a meaning

Some more important than others 

But they all have a meaning 

Red is maybe blood and violence but it is also love 

Red is a warm fire to cuddle close to one another when the nights are cold 

Orange is the autumn leaves frolicking about as the wind picks up speed

 Yellow is the glowing electricity and sound of happiness spreading across the universe 

Green is the grass and trees blowing in the melancholy wind on a cold day 

The color blue is a very meaningful color 

It is a life somewhere

 A person's long life full of years

 A person's laughter that turns into happy tears 

Blue is the color of the water even though it's just a reflection

 It is the color of the afternoon sky

 It is the color of a loved one's tears after a family member or friend is not here anymore 

Blue is so many things 

Purple is the melancholy color 

A mix between red and blue of sad and angry 

Pink is the color everyone misunderstands 

It is a voice for the misheard 

A color for people who have a heart

 Every color has a personality and a story of their own 

Some more important than others 

But they all have a meaning