Mar 07

You Say That, But I Know The Truth

You say I’m evil

You say I hate your friends

You say you’re sick of my lies

You say

I denounce it because I know it isn’t true

I accuse you of nothing

Yet you are a crook

You are a crook of my heart and soul

You accuse me of hurting others

But in reality

It was just a fight

It happens every day

People have fights

Even if they are friends

You are rude to me and my friends

How about that?

But you don’t care

All you care about is my rudeness

Which isn’t true unless I am really mad at someone

You accuse me of threatening your relationship

With one of your friends because I did not like them when they told me

That they like me and I said I liked you and not them

You say I’m manipulative like I’m just a random person

You say I can’t acknowledge my mistakes

You say in all caps that you think I could’ve ruined your friendships

And that you hate me and will never like me

You say I need to get it through my head

You get angry at me for arguing with your friend

Who happens to be mine too

You argue for them when they have a voice

Me and her decided to take a break from talking for a while

But yet you get mad at me and say they don’t need that fight

Well guess what? 

Neither do I

But a fight is a fight

It comes and it goes

It isn’t even your fight 


Your friend who said they liked me and I didn’t like them 

They were rude to ME

Not the other way around

They made ME feel bad

But you only see two sides

Your side and theirs

Not mine

You expect my life to be going great

But it isn’t 

Do you know how hard it is to be trans?

Or lesbian?


Maybe you do

Maybe you don’t

You never want to talk again

You say I am a ‘fucking liar’

I don’t need your shit in my life

And I guarantee that you are feeling horrible deep down inside


So goodbye  

I don’t need your shit 

Remember that