Apr 08

So Dream Me

The sky is out to get me tonight
But I am not ready to face it
What I am afraid real life is
Is not what my life is like right now
I'm in a dream
I don't want to wake up
So I'll keep dreaming

So dream me silks and lace
woven from the sky
Watermelon flavored stars
shining above our heads

Dream me rivers of lilies
and thousands of fireflies
Pillows of plum and
sheets of cream

So dream me pineapples
all your faults and mistakes
dream me wishing
them all away
Steering my ship
through a bottle of blue

So dream me a bird
or a kite if you wish
I just want to fly

Dream me avacados
pears and coconuts, dream me
a place where the sky glass shatters

So dream me free

Dream me on a terrace, laced
with sky, sipping

So dream me in a gauzy dress
wishes of flowers 
tangled in my hair

Dream me among ferns
all of us blowing in the wind
Then walking down candle lit paths
velvety scarves and
smooth pumpkin pie

So dream me licorice and cinnamon
100 sugar coated cherry blossoms

Dream me on top
of a rocky plateau
letting the wind
play with my hair
Dream me, me

So dream me free