Apr 08

Acid Rain

Pelts like acid rain
Hail pounding my brain

I often sit and ponder the inherent Meaninglessness 
Of life

All the pain I've ever felt,
All the bad decisions I've made,
All the people I've let down,
All the fear, anger, and sadness
Held hostage 
Within myself;
Trapped inside a cage of apathy,
Desperate to hide my emotions from judgemental eyes.

God, give me a reason!

They say life is like a roller coaster,
Filled with ups and downs,
Highs and lows.

I'm not so fond of roller coasters anymore.

I've ridden so many rides.
The lows are long and the highs are short.

But there's a certain beauty in the sadness.

Like acid rain.

It withers and pollutes,
But there's a sick and twisted Elegance
Hidden in the barrenness of the Aftermath.


About the Author: dakoval
Dylan Koval
Author has not loved anything.