Apr 09
fiction challenge: Unbelievable
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It was Unbelievable

It was simple, it wasn’t much, and it wasn’t fancy. It was a day like any other, the sun rays slowly dropped from the sky and tickled our faces. The slight rustle of leaves hinted at the warmer summer breeze coming. We laughed until our stomachs ached and smiled until we forgot how to frown.

As our laughter floated up into the sky, so did we. Our toes left the ground and we felt like we could go anywhere.

It’s funny how happiness and laughter gives you so much power, how the feeling of euphoria makes you feel so alive. The simplicity of life is what makes it so magical, but nevertheless, we still find some way to complicate things.

But if you look back on one day in your life, if you really look, you will notice that maybe not all of it was fun or good, but there was something good in it. 

On that day, we lived like we had never lost and laughed like we had never cried. What we said and did that day was unbelievable. It wasn’t unbelievable in a conventional sense, but it was unbelievable to us.