At The Fence

Jane ran up to the fence. The spring breeze blew her blond hair in the wind. Her blue shirt whipped around her. Wild flowers of all colors were in the horse pasture. Red, blue, pink and yellow flowers. 

“Dove!” Jane called out to her cat.

Dove’s fluffy gray head poked out with her round, wide green eyes staring back at Jane. She ran over to Jane and hopped on to the fence. 

Jane stroked her fluffy fur gently. Her hand ran smoothly across her back. 

“You know Dove, I love the light this time of day,” she said as she looked at the shadow the fence was making. 

“Just the way the sun comes through the trees and the light hits the fence,” she sighed. 

“It’s just so beautiful.” Jane finished. Dove let out a little, “mrrrrrow” as if to agree. Jane laughed and climbed over into the pasture. Laying down in the grass, Dove climbed on top of her and was purring as she settled down to rest. 

Honey, the palomino horse had been munching on grass nearby. Now she was slowly making her way over. Jane sat up. 

“Hello sweet girl.” Jane said as she stroked Honey's face. Honey curled her neck around her as if giving her a hug. Jane was quiet, remembering and enjoying the time she was spending with her animals. Birds were singing the sweet sound of music. A light breeze blew across the green, grassy pasture. Jane took off her blue sneakers to reveal a pair of bright pink socks. She wiggled her toes in the breeze.“Nobody enjoys this time of day as much as I do because nobody else gets to spend it with you.”'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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