Apr 10
poem challenge: Revelation

Star shine

The sun twinkled 
through the pine needles that almost kissed the dusky sky
just barely missing the soft hues that were brushed across the atmosphere 
by the gravity that holds us to the ground
and turns us over
morning to night
stars fill my eyes
faded into the vastness of the night sky
fleeting colors folding bending 
shifting to the backdrop of dewy obsidian 
as I lie here 
I imagine being a blush of color in the heavens 
must feel like floating in a blanket 
the faint smell of bubblegum and spring breezes 
concepts of emotion 
just faint hazy memories 
giant floating spheres of gas and rock
hurtling through space 
always moving farther away from each other 
life is simple 
if you let it be
but curiosity and the desire 
to know
to truly know 
will always win out
and we complicate everything on our journey to make it make sense
the crinkle of baking parchment 
I want to taste the way you smile 
I want to wear all the colors in the aurora borealis 
and laugh until I'm happy 
who I am 
doesn't matter to the celestial beings we draw in the heavens
vague enough to be beautiful 
defined enough to be fiction 
I wish to simply be nothing more than a single drop of water
slipping into a cycle of life
that's simpler 
simple like star shine