Apr 11
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Normal You dont know me


You think you know me, but it's really just a shield 

You could not hear me scream if I was in a herd of people, 

Because if you did, you would realize what lies within me, 

The things that haunt me the things that feed my depression, 

The things that crawl beneath that said shield, the scariest 

Thoughts you have ever seen, see within your words cut 

Deeper than the scars on my knees, and when you saw 

What was within me you would realize that, you would 

Not think of me the same, you would treat me like I needed 

To be cushioned by everything that comes my way, its not 

That you don’t care it's that you can’t understand, you will

Never truly understand what I feel, so all you can do is try 

To understand, for this You see, 

this is what's within me.  
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