Apr 05
fiction challenge: Waterfall

The Girl In Blue

Theres something about the woods that called to her. She didn't know if it was the chorus of birds chirping for no one but themselves, or how the sunlight hit the leaves making everything feel just a tiny bit magical. This was her favorite time of day when everything and everyone was calm. 
As she walked through the woods a string seemed to pull her forward and the woods seemed to whisper, keep going your almost there. But she didn't know where almost there was. But she trusted the woods because it called to her.
Sticks and leaves crunched under her bare feet and she felt as if she was part of the woods. She swayed in the breeze like the leaves on the trees and sang beautiful songs with the birds.
At one point she came to a small stream and saw a deer and its baby drinking. She felt love and compassion run through her at the sight of something so beautiful, so pure. But the woods seemed to whisper keep going your almost there. 
So she kept walking. Until she came to a waterfall. The view was extraordinary, the waves crashing up against the rocks and spraying her in the face. The sky a deep blue, and the clouds looked like cotton candy she found herself reaching up as if she could eat it. And the waterfall. It took her breath away. It was like millions of diamonds sparkling in the sunlight. 
She remembered this place as a memory flashed before her eyes. Two little sisters, one in pink and one in blue, dancing along the edge. The girl in blue said to the girl in pink "One day I want to jump." The girl in pink was confused.
"But wouldn't you die if you jumped?" She asked. 
"No." The girl in blue said. "The water would save me." Still, the girl in pink didn't understand but she trusted the girl in blue and if she trusted the water then she would too. 
But the girl in blue never got the chance to jump. 
The memory faded from her eyes and a breeze picked up. The woods whispered, jump. 
She stared over the edge but felt no fear. For she knew the voice had never been the woods at all. It had been the girl in blue. 
She had brought her here to jump. 
So without a second thought, she jumped.