Apr 14
fiction challenge: Portal

The Portal (Part 1 out of 2 Parts)

The door didn't look magical. Actually it looked the complete opposite of magical. It was just a normal navy blue door with a golden doorknob. A typical door. 
I didn't know if I should open it or not but I was to curious not too, because it's not everyday you find a random door in your basement. I grabbed onto the golden doorknob and a jolt went though my whole body, I could feel it on the top of my head and the tips of my toes. I can't say that is was comfortable but its wasn't pleasant. That should have been a clue that this door was trouble. 
But if anything it made me even more curious. So thats why I opened it. 
Nothing happened at first. There was nothing behind the door except the normal brick wall in our basement. I was kind of disapointed. I didn't know what I had been expecting but it wasn't just brick wall. 
Thats when something weird started happen. It was like everything was melting. It was melting and glowing at the same time, it remided me of a candle melting away the wax over time. But this was happening fast. 
I didn't know what to do. I tried to move but it was like I was melted to the floor and I couldn't move. I started freaking out. But that was when the brick wall behind the door wasn't a brick wall anymore. It was a glowing blue circle. A portal. It looked excatly how a portal would look. 
My instintcs told me to run. But something was pulling me forward even as I tried to move back. My legs moved even though I didn't want them to and suddenly I was
 falling falling falling.


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