Apr 14

Split Second

Split second

Where is the knife

That butchers the clock

Into small digestible pieces

A common breed who cries for more

Yet a relatable soul that screams for less

And holds the knife

To break the second

Into splits

Where the living happens

Brutal and cruel

And with that shining blade

Time is shaved

And we fit our bloated bodies

Into a single pant leg

Then a sock and finally

The finger of a mitten

And in our apprehension 

Arms shaking

for the next 

Split second

We miss five more

And the matches we forget to smother

Light fires in that split second

Blunt and bright

And the words we say in that split second

Seal all the unsent envelopes

And I break that small green snake

Into two wriggling halves

One for me

And one for you

Yet nothing we can do

While the blood breeds

But wish 

Light candles to the god

Of small meaningless things

Wish it wasn’t split