Apr 15
rant challenge: Nostalgia
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Younger me nostalgia

When I was a younger child I used to get up every morning on the weekends and watch the show Courage The Cowardly Dog.  Now that I’m older I know that it was quite disturbing and I have no idea why I liked it so much. If I was given the chance to watch it again I probably would but I might not like it as much. It is about Courage the dog who has to survive all of these weird scenarios. The one I remember the most is when courage and his owners were transported into the painting at a painting museum. Anyway I miss the show and might watch it again. 

Another thing that I used to do as a younger child was I used to go and watch the same movie over and over and I couldn’t watch it enough. The movie was called The Spiderwick Chronicles or something like that. It was this weird movie about a mom and her children and how they moved to this old house that has a book about magical creatures and stuff like that. These two things are the things that I remember watching the most so they give me the most nostalgia. I probably would watch them again but not as frequently as I used to.
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