Apr 16
essay challenge: Nostalgia
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Summer Days

Since school is out during the summer there are many different possibilities of activities to fill your days with. There is spending time with friends, going swimming and camping. Those are common things to do during the summer. My summers did have swimming and hanging with friends but that was in between haying. Most of my summer days are spent in a field. Especially when I was younger my entertainment was running and somersaulting through the windrows with my younger sister. After it was all bailed up and brought home. We would have to put it away in the barn. Always right before my sister and I would climb up to the top of the hay and ride a little bit to the barn. Once the hay was emptied from the wagon we got to ride. Finally, my favorite thing to do after the hay was in the barn was to make a hay fort. Now you might have made a fort in your room with blankets and pillows but this is way better. We used to make huge forts with tunnels instead of doors. You would definitely get covered in hay but it was totally worth it. 

It is crazy to think about doing that it seems so long ago. Wait a minute, I still do all those things. Some of the entertainment I had as a kid still entertains me today. I do all the things I told you about well except somersaulting. I don’t know how I did that when I was younger but there’s no way I could do that now. 
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