Apr 16

Big Ideas in a Small Package

The tiny
sits in the shadows, 
leaves and branches becoming its haven, 
and listens.
And it hears everything:
the cricket's song,
the woodpecker's sharp tap,
the friends who disagree.
One wants something, 
and the other would give anything not to have it.
And it hears more:
the squirrel washing,
the mouse chewing,
the lovers murmuring little things to each other,
opening up to share a world.
They want each other's hearts, and they know it.
And it hears more:
the cat pouncing,
the owl waking, 
the enemies drawing their swords as the moon rises.
They each want something, and the other has the promise of it.
In the end, it all comes down to Want, doesn't it?
Evil men rise to power
because they want it.
Homes rise and fall 
because it is wanted
by someone, something in the universe.
Zooming in again,
does our caterpillar believe in God?
I don't
but something's out there 
guiding us onto our path.
It may not be the right path, 
but it's ours
and that's it.

Thank you to my Aunt Meg, for being my first audience for this poem and helping with proofreading!!
If this gets published somewhere, I DO ALL MY OWN PROOFREADING. YOU MAY REMOVE THIS BUT NOTHING ELSE. Thank you!