Apr 19
poem 0 comments challenge: Name

a lesson on (most) my names

my middle name is gayle.
this is my grandmother's middle name. 
my grandmother was the first woman
in her family to get a 
degree in college, something
deemed impossible at the time.
regardless, she did it and
took a proposal to the government to
start her own Higher Education company.

my name for a videogame i used to play was nirvana1994.
i listen to nirvana at least every day.
if you listen closely to their album
you might be able to hear what i hear.
kurt cobain's voice, stretched so thin with
pain and 
sorrow, but also
laced with the joy of music. 
he died by suicide in 1994.

my name on this webpage is icegalaxy.
i chose this because i am a 
hockey player. i've skated since i was
2, played since i was
8. it is my life. 
it will never stop being my life.

names hold power.
i'm not sure how many people know of that fact.
i hope you do.