Apr 19

Stranger Names in the Night

You ask what my name means-
I’ll tell you the truth. 
But when I tell you 
Promise to stand up- 
And get out of this booth.
Out of this world, (literally) 
A star shines bright (figuratively)
But do not assume (seriously)
My name can’t put up much of a fight. (truly)
I say, I am embarrassed 
To this day 
My name means “white” and “fair”
Go look it up. See what it’ll say.
My middle name, Olga, means “holy” and “true”
Put this all together
We get me- and not you.
But a name does not define
The inside of a shining star.
A name is a name-
A title from afar
Each and every speck 
In the night sky
Does not need a name- 
And that is why
I am glad to live on earth
Even when things aren’t right
Even though there is that one factor
I have me- and the specks of light
In the night
My name is a title, a way of addressing. 
And given this, 
There are stranger names.
I have me- and the specks of light.
In the night.