Apr 21
poem challenge: BLM-Verdict

We Need To Change

it's not right
what is going on in 
our world
the way 
the police can 
get away with killing someone
it is not right
everyone should have 
an equal chance at 
living their lives 

people shouldn't be 
scared to go to 
the grocery store
or go to 
the park

people are afraid of
the police
when they are literally there
to protect us 
but now it seems
they are doing the opposite of 
protecting us

our world needs to change 
we need to change 
we need to change 
how we think
how we act
how we do

racism should
never have been a thing
but it is
and all we can do 
is stop it 
we need to 
change people's mindsets 
and therefore 
save our world from becoming 
a horrible place 
where nobody 
is accepted 

we need to change